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Application to become a CASA

Please complete the application below. A CASA staff member will contact you once your application is received and reviewed.


(for statistical reporting only)

Do you have a car?
Do you have a valid GA Driver's License?
Have you ever been arrested and/or charged with any violation of law other than minor traffic violations? (A conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from the volunteer program.)


Have you ever worked for the Juvenile Court?
Have you ever worked for the Department of Family and Children's Services? (Include service as a foster parent)
Have you lived in Georgia for the past 5 years?

EDUCATION (or other training)

Do you speak any other languages in addition to English?


You must submit 4 references as follows: 

Two (2) Personal References (non-family)

Two (2) Professional References (salaried and/or nonsalaried)


Please number in order your areas of interest in the CASA Program:

I understand that inquiries will be made as to my suitability as a volunteer CASA and I consent to a criminal records check. CASA of Forsyth County, Inc. will reject any applicant found to have been convicted of, or having charges pending for a felony or misdemeanor involving a sex offense, child abuse or neglect, or other acts that would pose risks to children or the integrity of CASA of Forsyth County, Inc.


I will also be responsible for assuring that my references return the written reference request form to the CASA program. I further understand that application does not assure acceptance in the program. I have carefully considered the roles and responsibilities of a CASA volunteer. I verify that all the information contained here in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

CASA of Forsyth County, Inc.

875 Lanier 400 Pkwy, Box 7

Cumming, GA  30040

770-886-4082 Phone/ 678-648-9486 Fax

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