Welcome to our newest CASA Advocates! These outstanding community volunteers recently completed CASA Pre-Service Training and were sworn in on July 31, 2018. Pictured below, L to R, is Katie Anderson, Al Vukin, Connie Baptist, The Honorable J. Russell Jackson, Jan Nourohalli, Melissa Woodard and The Honorable Christopher Willis. 
Beth Boudet was recently sworn in as a CASA.  Pictured below, L-R, is CASA ACM Sheri Ginty, CASA Executive Director Paula Malmfeldt, CASA Director of Advocacy Lori Pupp, Beth Boudet and CASA ACM Laura Skinner.  Welcome to the CASA family, Beth!
  • Automation Direct
    Automation Direct
  • CHOA
  • Keller Williams Mary Estep
    Keller Williams Mary Estep
  • Bragg Dental
    Bragg Dental
  • Banks Septic
    Banks Septic
  • Hansard Insurance
    Hansard Insurance
  • Kraft Cleaners
    Kraft Cleaners
  • Handy Hero
    Handy Hero
  • The Collection
    The Collection
  • Hamilton Bank
    Hamilton Bank
  • Dentistry for Children
    Dentistry for Children
  • Bryan Properties
    Bryan Properties
  • Maria Keller
    Maria Keller
  • Pure Barre
    Pure Barre
  • United Way
    United Way
  • United Community Bank
    United Community Bank
  • Acopia Home Loans
    Acopia Home Loans
  • Advanced Dental
    Advanced Dental
  • Sawnee Electric
    Sawnee Electric
  • Clarity Vision Group
    Clarity Vision Group

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