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Children's Wish List

Thank you for helping us make sure each child feels special and loved!  Frequently children come to us having been removed from their home without the chance to take any personal belongings with them.  It is important to us at CASA that we are able to provide the child and the caregiver/foster parent the opportunity to buy new personal belongings to replace those left behind. Therefore, we always need gift cards on hand which are distributed on an "as needed" and emergency basis through our CASA volunteers who are working with the children. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this critical, but often overlooked, need. 

We are currently in need of: 

  • Gift cards in varying denominations from the following types of stores-
    • Walmart
    • Target
    • Amazon
    • Kohl's
    • any children's clothing store 

We apologize in advance but we cannot accept donations of used clothing, toys, car seats or other used personal items.  Please consider taking these items you are interested in donating to The Place, Family Haven Thrift Store or No Longer Bound Thrift Store.


  • Automation Direct
    Automation Direct
  • CHOA
  • Rotary Club
    Rotary Club
  • Bagwell Insurance
    Bagwell Insurance
  • Bragg Dental
    Bragg Dental
  • Banks Septic
    Banks Septic
  • Hansard Insurance
    Hansard Insurance
  • Handy Hero
    Handy Hero
  • The Collection
    The Collection
  • Bryan Properties
    Bryan Properties
  • Pure Barre
    Pure Barre
  • United Way
    United Way
  • United Community Bank
    United Community Bank
  • Acopia Home Loans
    Acopia Home Loans
  • Advanced Dental
    Advanced Dental
  • Sawnee Electric
    Sawnee Electric
  • Clarity Vision Group
    Clarity Vision Group
  • Advanced Embroidery
    Advanced Embroidery
  • Kohl's Cares
    Kohl's Cares
  • Fidelity Bank
    Fidelity Bank
  • Carper Wealth Management
    Carper Wealth Management
  • ProLabel
  • Mark Heard Fuel
    Mark Heard Fuel
  • Stars and Strikes
    Stars and Strikes
  • Improving ATL
    Improving ATL
  • Troncalli
  • Cumming Rheumatology
    Cumming Rheumatology
  • CMC Trucking Cindy Mills
    CMC Trucking Cindy Mills
  • Mellow Mushroom
    Mellow Mushroom
  • Jim n' Nicks
    Jim n' Nicks
  • Corey's auto service
    Corey's auto service
  • Southern Off Road
    Southern Off Road
  • Fred's Beds
    Fred's Beds

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